Upon receipt at our national laboratory near Denver, Colorado, patient specimens are submitted to our quality control department. While under review for informational and specimen integrity, specimens are accessioned, and follow-up calls to clinics are made as required.

Upon successful quality control review, patient specimens are batched, and released to the laboratory for analysis. Patient specimens are analyzed via state-of-the-art graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS) laboratory instrumentation. Once in the laboratory, turnaround time for specimen analysis is typically one to two business days after receipt.

Following successful analysis, blood lead test results are reported to the submitting facility by either: secure web portal, automated fax, or U.S.P.S first-class mail. Facilities that elect to receive their results by secure web portal or fax typically receive their results three to five days business days sooner than facilities that elect to receive their results through the mail.

Tamarac® Medical can report to state childhood lead poisoning prevention programs (CLPPPs) or surveillance agencies in a variety of different state-specified formats: HL7, .csv, fixed width .txt, and excel are the most common format alternatives.

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