Is all the patient demographic information required on the form?

Yes.  Most state departments of health require all the information from the form to fulfill surveillance and reporting requirements.  In most cases, Tamarac® Medical is legally obligated to collect and report this information.  Click here for additional information on a completed laboratory request form.

Can Tamarac® Medical bill Medicaid and Insurance companies?

Tamarac® Medical is a Medicaid provider in most states from which it receives specimens. As a Medicaid provider, it can bill the blood lead test analysis fee to the Medicaid agency, so there are no fees charged to the submitting facility.  Tamarac® Medical can attempt to bill all insurance companies and can successfully collect from many insurance companies.

Can I pay a bill with a credit card?

Absolutely.  Patient invoices include a remittance section to easily provide credit card payment information.  Patients or clinics may call 1-800-842-7069 to pay by phone.

What does “QNS” mean?

QNS is the abbreviation for “Quantity Not Sufficient.”  A specimen reported as QNS has not been analyzed because the quantity of submitted blood was of insufficient quantity to analyze.  The collection of a second specimen of appropriate quantity will be required.  In addition to QNS, Tamarac® Medical must reject all improperly collected or improperly handled specimens.

Does Tamarac® Medical analyze whole blood specimens?

Yes.  Tamarac® Medical is properly licensed and certified to perform whole blood lead testing, and it successfully participates in whole blood lead proficiency testing.

What is Tamarac® Medical’s turnaround time?

Specimens are typically analyzed within one to two business day of receipt in the laboratory.  If the first of the two required samples yields an elevated result, an additional business day is required for confirmatory analysis of the second sample.  Elevated results are flagged, and are phoned or faxed to the ordering office daily.  Completed test results are provided daily by secure web download or automated fax (or both).

How are results retrieved from the Web Portal?

Once a facility’s authorized representative(s) has been set up with a Web Portal account; authorized user(s) will be notified by email when new clinic result files are available for download.  Authorized user(s) login to the Web Portal with their designated account credentials.  Once logged in, an authorized user(s) may download the newly posted clinic result files for a period of one month.  User(s) may also change the account password while logged in to the Web Portal.

Help – I Forgot My On-Line Account Password

You may request your facility’s Web Portal password be emailed to you from our website.  Click the “Results Login” button, then the “Forgot Your Password?” link.  Simply enter your clinic account # (printed barcode # on your Clinic ID labels), then click “Send Me My Password.”  Your account password will be emailed to the user(s) email address(es) on file.

How do I complete the Laboratory Request Form (lab slip)?

Click here for additional information and directions to complete the laboratory request form.

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