Accuracy, simplicity, and economy…since 1993 Tamarac® Medical has sought to advance quantitative blood lead testing technology with these goals as its vision. A pioneer in the industry, Tamarac Medical advanced the filter paper methodology by instituting the filter paper test kit concept, use of a lead-targeted cleaning protocol designed to minimize the potential for falsely-elevated results, and waterless specimen collection. We believe that the documented accuracy of our analysis as well as the quality of our service are second to none. Good reasons why a wide variety of health care providers and agencies view Tamarac Medical as a trusted partner in blood lead testing analysis.

Tamarac Medical performs all three blood lead testing methodologies accepted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – dried blood collected on filter paper, whole capillary blood and whole venous blood. We hold required certificates and licenses, and successfully participate in required proficiency testing programs.

The filter paper methodology is of particular interest for pediatric quantitative blood lead analysis. This methodology utilizes micro-samples of blood and involves a minimally invasive finger stick. Following stick-site preparation with a proprietary skin-cleaning protocol designed to minimize the incidence of falsely-elevated results, two drops of blood are collected on a Tamarac-provided filter paper. Once dry, the specimen is packaged and mailed (no special handling requirements) to our laboratory for analysis. Additional characteristics of the Tamarac® Test below:

The Choice is Yours

Tamarac Medical provides its clients and prospective clients a simple mechanism to tailor a blood lead testing solution to meet its specific needs, desires and objectives. Submitting facilities can choose the following:

Our laboratory has significant expertise in working with a wide range of organizations:

targetDocumented Accuracy

shieldProprietary Cleaning Protocols

clockPerform alongside HGB testing

thumb_upAccepted by CDC

The correlation between paired, simultaneously drawn extraction method filter paper and venous samples is >.970. Additionally, undetected-elevated and, falsely-elevated rates may be considered…

Standard and waterless protocols are available. Pre-analytic contamination of the specimen by residual skin-surface lead is the most frequent cause of falsely-elevated (false positive) results. D-Lead® Soap…

When The Tamarac® Test is used in conjunction with a single-drop point-of-care (POC) hemoglobin instrument, the first two drops from the stick site are used for the lead test, and the third drop is used for hemoglobin …

Filter paper blood lead testing is accepted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Tamarac Medical is also CLIA licensed and participates successfully in required proficiency testing…

clockMinimal sample size

calendarSample stability and handling


emailComprehensive collection kit

The Tamarac® Test requires only two drops of capillary, most commonly, finger-stick blood. It is important that the patient blood fall from the finger onto the filter paper card. This practice provides enough blood to…

Once a blood sample has dried on the filter paper, it is stable for at least 6 months. Samples require no special handling or refrigeration, and can be sent to the laboratory by mail or any other carrier with no external…

Tamarac Medical bills Medicaid and most Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) directly and accepts the allowable amount. We can submit billing claims to all insurance companies; claims are…

Both varieties of the Tamarac® test kit contain all supplies necessary to clean and prepare the patient stick-site, perform the blood draw, obtain and package the patient specimen, and submit the specimen with the…

In addition to our expertise in the pediatric environment, we have considerable experience in meeting the blood lead testing needs of industrial accounts. We can furnish all necessary whole venous blood specimen collection supplies and arrange for expedited shipping of specimens. Our industrial accounts consist of battery recyclers and other employers who routinely monitor the blood lead levels of their employees. Please contact us for additional information.

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