Whatman Specimen Characteristic Sheet

Submitting clinics new to filter paper blood lead testing should review the specimen characteristic sheet below that clearly depicts an optimal specimen (dry color, size and density) compared to a variety of sub-standard specimen depictions.  Sub-standard specimens cannot be analyzed and will be rejected in our laboratory as “Quantity of blood Not Sufficient” (QNS).

Whatman Specimen Characteristic Sheet

Tamarac® Test Kit Order Form

Submitting clinics with an existing Tamarac® Medical account may download and submit the form below to order blood lead tests kits, or other blood lead testing supplies.  Kit orders generally ship out the next business day are usually received within 3-5 business days.  Please provide a valid email address so our receipt of your kit order may be confirmed.  To set up a new account, click the “Contact Us” button, or review the “Contact Us” information in the site footer.

Tamarac® Test Kit Order Form

Monthly Replenishment

Tamarac Medical provides submitting clinics the opportunity to opt-in to a monthly kit-order replenishment program at no charge.  While participating in this program, an enrolled account’s test submission history is reviewed on a monthly basis, and submitted test quantities are “replenished” to the submitting clinic with no additional effort on its part.  No additional kit order forms need to be sent in, or no additional phone calls to our laboratory – it is the classic scenario of “set it and forget it.”  If you think this service will simplify your life, download the Information Update Form, and we’ll get you set up right away.

Correcting Patient Information

At Tamarac Medical, we strive to create and maintain accurate patient records. With the exception of results, all information we enter and report is provided to us by our clients.  The handwriting on submitted laboratory request forms varies and, on occasion, can be challenging to read.  We do our best to interpret the handwriting and record the information correctly.  However, if you notice that submitted patient demographic or billing information was incomplete or inaccurate, or that submitted information was inaccurately recorded, please download this Information Update Form, provide the correct information, and fax back to our laboratory.  Please be sure to provide the Test ID # (printed barcode # upper-right corner of lab slip) so we can update the information in question.

Correcting Clinic Information

Does your facility have any logistic or organization information that you wish to update with our laboratory?  Change of address, contact name, telephone number or fax number?  Please download this Information Update Form, provide the updated information, and fax back to our laboratory.  Please be sure to provide your clinic account # (printed barcode # on your clinic ID labels) so we can update the account in question.

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