De-Leading Protocols

Standard and waterless protocols are available.  Pre-analytic contamination of the specimen by residual skin-surface lead is the most frequent cause of falsely-elevated (false positive) results.  D-Lead® Soap, D-Lead® Dry or Wet Skin Cleaner and D-Wipe® Towels have demonstrated substantial efficacy in removing lead from the skin.  Use of these products for stick site cleansing and preparation may provide protection against falsely-elevated results.  These products are provided by Tamarac® Medical at no additional charge and the Tamarac® Test protocols mandate their use.  Esca Tech, Inc. has, by a technology license agreement, granted to Tamarac Medical the exclusive right to use the D-Lead® Soap, D-Lead® Dry or Wet Skin Cleaner, and D-Wipe® Towels in conjunction with capillary blood lead or other heavy metals testing of infants, children and pregnant or lactating women in the United States1.

1 Patent Pending. Esca Tech, Inc has a published U.S. Patent Application (Pub. No. 20070016102) with pending claims directed to a method for cleansing a blood sampling site on an individual prior to collection of a blood sample. Tamarac Medical’s current right to exclusive use of the D-Lead® and D-Wipe® products derive from its contractual agreement with Esca Tech, Inc. and not from any existing patent or patent application.

D-Lead® and D-Wipe® are registered trademarks of Esca Tech, Inc.

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